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Eleven questions you should ask when booking a makeup artist for your wedding

Your big day is coming up the date has been set, the wedding dress chosen, the venue booked, the caterers hired, and a hundred-and-one other concerns that form part of a bride-to-be’s to-do list. At some point you come across a line that simply reads ‘makeup artist’ and you start to panic. After all, this might not be the first time that you’ve hired a band, or ordered flowers from a florist, but the world of wedding makeup vendors is a complete mystery to you?

Where do you start?

Well, we can help you there, with our eleven questions every bride should ask their potential wedding makeup artist.

How do I book you for my wedding day?

This is essential to get right. Most wedding makeup vendors will have certain requirements that you will need to meet before they will secure the date of your wedding in their diary. The most common of these is a deposit, usually somewhere between 25 and 50 per cent of the final fee, payable upfront. Some artists may have other requirements they may need somebody to pick them up and drive them to the house, or they may insist on a certain number of people from the bridal party to have their makeup done as well. Remember, until you have a formal agreement, this is all stuff that can be negotiated.Never forget, this is your big day, and if you feel the artist expects too much from you, there is no harm in moving on.

Do we have a contract?

Again, this is standard practice with most wedding makeup vendors these days. A well-written contract protects both the bride and the artist in the event of unforeseen circumstances. In it you should list all of the services that the makeup artist is expected to provide, along with confirmation of dates and appointment times, whether your bridal party will attend the artist’s salon, or whether the artist will come to your home on the morning of the wedding. There should also be a list of provisions confirming what the artist will do in the event of illness on the wedding day, and what will happen should the contract be cancelled prior to fulfilment.

How many weddings have you done?

There are specialist wedding makeup vendors and then there are makeup artists who happen to do weddings as well. It is always advisable to hire a specialist in these matters, if only because there are quirks to the wedding makeup process that simply do not occur in other settings. Your makeup artist needs to be a calming and supportive influence on the day of your wedding, able to handle the inevitable chaos of a pre-wedding bridal party, and capable of tailoring her work to the demands of unpredictable lighting, weather and photographers. It is not a job for an amateur.

Do you have portfolio?

Any wedding makeup artist worth the name will have an extensive portfolio of her past clients, and this could well be a … Read the rest

Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Wedding photographs are the one memento that last a lifetime and as you don’t know what you’re getting until after the event, it’s important to make the right decision when hiring a photographer. You’ll need to spend some time together as a couple deciding on what you want and doing some careful research, so you can ensure you love your photos as much as the day itself.

Style – The first thing to consider before contacting photographers is what style you want your photos to be. Different styles include documentary which are spontaneous shots which are not posed. These shots capture people and moments as they happen, almost in a photojournalistic way. If you prefer a classic look then you might opt for portraiture which involve very styled and posed shots. Maybe you could find a photographer who can blends different styles if you’re having difficulty deciding.

Research – Reviews from previous clients are a great place to start as you begin to browse local listings. Have a look at the photographer’s website and gallery from other recent weddings they’ve worked at. Find them on social media and see if they have a blog or positive feedback from people they’ve worked for. For reputable Wedding Photography Bournemouth, visit

Interview – For such an important part of your day, it’s a good idea to meet the photographer in person to see if you click. A good rule of thumb is to try to see between three and five potential photographers before making your final decision. This is the perfect chance to discuss the style, venue and any other factors about your big day. If your preferred photographer is unavailable on the day, ask if they can recommend anyone with a similar style.

Question – Before meeting with a potential photographer, have your questions ready beforehand so you don’t get distracted and forget to ask the things you really wanted to. You could ask how they would describe their style, are there any moments you don’t capture or what rights you’ll have to the photos once they are produced.

Personality – Don’t underestimate the need to mesh with your photographer. Do their ideas get you excited? Do they listen to what you want and respond respectfully and with enthusiasm? You need a person with a combination of assertiveness to coax guests into great photo opportunities but not in an obtrusive way to annoy people. They need to be a calming, positive person with a natural ease when dealing with many different types of people.

Budget – It pays to have an idea in mind of your budget before you make enquiries. It will save a lot of time and hassle if you then make enquiries based on what you know you have to spend so you can rule out those who’s packages are way above your budget. It could also put you in a stronger bargaining position if you know the amount you have to spend.

Be Polite – It’s … Read the rest

9 Great Ways To Decorate Your Wedding Marquee

Decorating your wedding marquee can make your wedding really stand out. Every detail adds to the magic and can create the ambience, visuals, and the beauty you desire.

Choosing the right decor, linen, flowers, tables and chairs all contributes to creating the setting you desire. Let’s review some of the key things to remember when making decisions about the marquee on your wedding day.

Highs and lows

Remember that marquees can be high, so creating variation in height and some tall displays will help to prevent your entire ground level setting from being drowned out. A great way to accomplish this is with suspended decorations and table decorations. You can use tall displays, but keep them thin so guests can still speak to each other. Your table displays can create a bit of fuss and draw interest.

Floor fancy

Some marquees for hire come with a floor. If you are holding your wedding during the drier, sunnier months, grass can add texture and colour to your setting as long as it does not clash with the colour theme of your event. You can also choose carpets of varying colours to add warmth, luxury, or openness to your venue.

The marquee

These days, there are lots of designs available for the marquee, with a fabric roof to suit all tastes and requirements. You can choose from various shapes, sizes, designs, and formations to match your needs, such as those at

Tailoring your props

Greeting your guests at the entrance is the starting point from which the ambience is set and the experience begins. Making sure your entrance is eye-catching and enthralling will make a big impression on you guests.

You can have lighting tailored to your wishes, and there are several companies that offer a fantastic range. Alternatively, you can have lanterns that create a subdued, romantic setting.

You can create a backdrop scene as you wish, whether it is a whimsical fairytale or a glitzy affair. Personalised chair backs, a DIY bar, or a chill-out area can all add to the experience.

The marquee is the venue where your special day’s events will continue and a lifetime of memories will be made, so be sure to take the time to create the ambience you desire.… Read the rest

Tips Make Bolu So As Not To Hard And Failed

It must be really hateful if the result of our grill refresh alias failed. The cake even becomes hard, stiff, or not perfectly fluffy. Anyway not really worth for eaten, let alone served for guests. I personally have experienced it, ladies, several times. It hurts here

It must be disappointed because it was tired-tired collect materials, stirring, fitting was so even failed. Continue after research and repeat several times, finally.

here are some tips you can see to make a bolu cake recipe. Let’s check this out.

  1. All materials must be room temperature

This is true, ladies. First time to make a sponge, I immediately use the egg from the refrigerator alias cold eggs. As a result, Bolu assists perfectly. It turns out that cold eggs will be difficult to ride when shaken. So is margarine. Do not pour the freshly melted margarine directly into the dough alias when the margarine is still hot. Wait a little warm may just be put into the dough yes.

  1. Melting Processes Margarine

The process of melting the margarine should also be considered. Although it cannot be directly inserted after melting, it turns out that margarine that has been liquid also should not be left too long at room temperature. The trick is, once the process of stirring the dough is halfway running, immediately melt the margarine on the pan with a super small fire. Do not wait until the margarine melts all ya. If the margarine is almost liquid all or just left so a small part, immediately turns off the fire and lift. Immediately move to a rather wide container, but do not place it.Because if you put on a plate, margarine so quickly cold, while the cold margarine melting that will actually make a sponge cushion. Anyway, the small portion of the margarine will be liquid by itself due to the warm temperature. Then, while still shaking the dough, warm margarine is ready to pour.

  1. Notice the Used Cases and Tools

It turned out that the containers and tools used must be completely dry. Check one by one, lest any water, oil, or butter stick. Even the damp cannot do it because it will make the dough so not expands and cautious. Before using it, of course, you have to wash the tool and the container, but wipe it just is not enough ladies, because it must be still damp. Try to let stand in the temperature of the room overnight to dry by itself, new tools and containers ready for use!

  1. How to Pour Materials

Do not play from pouring. It turns out pour ingredients into the dough should also slowly. For example wheat flour (coconut milk used to be so no lumps). You can pour some first, stir with a spatula. If already mixed new pour again until it runs out. In order not to stir it many times, you can combine wheat flour, baking powder, milk powder, chocolate powder, or cornstarch. Similarly, liquid materials such as margarine … Read the rest

Being a female emcee is becoming popular among women

A Wedding Ceremony is something extremely exceptional for the couple. This is the festival of the couple’s solidarity. This is the reason it is critical to employ the best Master of Ceremony for that unique day. More often than not, the Master of Ceremony is a male. In any case, there are presently loads of Female Emcees especially to wed Ceremonies nowadays. If you imagine that you can be an awesome wedding emcee Singapore, at that point you ought to take after these tips particularly if you are a Female Emcee.

There are a ton of sites like out there with data on what to do as an Emcee. Some are more definite than others. It’s harder to discover a well ordered guide, however. This article is in two sections, and I will cover, in short frame, the means you should take. This initial segment covers before the Wedding.

As Female Emcees, it is typical for you to center your regard for the lady of the hour since you are the two Females. In any case, you ought to always remember about the prepare. You should center your consideration regarding the couple and the festival. As the Emcee, you should know the points of interest of the occasion. You ought to have the capacity to lead the occasion and make it as sorted out as could reasonably be expected. You ought to likewise be educated of the program of the occasion with the goal that you would know how to present every single piece of the occasion and additionally the members of the portion.

Additionally, you ought to be all around arranged for the occasion. You can make your own plot of the occasion as indicated by its appropriate stream. With this, you would recognize what to state on every single piece of the festival. Ensure that you record your content or tracks. It is ideal if you can retain the entire program however if not, it is likewise savvy to bring along your content with the goal that you won’t overlook any of your tracks.

Before setting off to the occasion, ensure that you say your tracks once more. This will fill in as your last practice. By doing this, you would know whether there are a few things that you have to change in your discourse. This will likewise enable you to remember the tracks that you will be stating. Remember, careful discipline brings about promising results.

You may keep the correspondence track open with the couple or with the occasions director. This will give you a thought on what tracks you need to give out amid the occasion. You will likewise recognize what things the couple might want you to state or specify in their uncommon day. With this, you will likewise know the program or stream of the occasion.

Spruce up and make yourself look wonderful too. It is ideal to spruce up in a basic yet satisfactory way. You don’t need to over … Read the rest